Case Study : Brew City Rentals

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Introduction This systems planning document reviews the case summary of Brew City Rentals. The document will review the problems indicated in the case narrative and provide a SWOT and PEST analysis. Also shown will be a feasibility study with an overall recommendation on deploying a new information system. Information System Requirements The information system’s requirements in the systems planning phase are based on a case summary, potential interview questions, and the systems analyst’s experience in systems planning. One must not only generate requirements based specifically on what users’ state they want or need. Analysts must also generate requirements based on insight into the overall organization and project goals. Requirements Based on the case narrative presented for Brew City Rentals, I believe the company needs to resolve multiple issues that exist with the current Information System. Currently customers complain about long check out times due to employees having to enter information in multiple spreadsheets. These complaints could lead customers away from the company and push them towards their competitors. Brew City Rental also has issues managing inventory and tracking rentals. This is demonstrated when customers are often charged incorrect late fees and cannot find movies which are marked as in stock. This will also cause customer satisfaction to go down and will potentially decrease revenue. Brew City Rental is experiencing new competition

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