Case Study : Bruce O ' Brian

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Case Study: Bruce O’Brian
Bruce is a 35 year old Caucasian man who was brought in by police for a mental health assessment. He came to the police attention after several complaints from members of the public regarding Bruce’s behaviours. Bruce had been standing in the street yelling, talking to himself and becoming aggressive when approached by members of the public. When approached by police Bruce was cooperative but very concerned about the nearby KFC restaurant because he was sure it was on fire and burning down (no such event was occurring). Police scheduled Bruce and convoyed him to the nearest Psychiatric facility.
On presentation to the mental health facility Bruce was noted to be a tall and thin man of stated age, wearing a t-shirt
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When asked who the people in the unmarked vans were Bruce stated “the people who abduct you”. Bruce admitted to suffering from some visual hallucinations stating during the interview that there were “too many people in the room to count”, however denied any auditory or command hallucinations. Bruce also admitted to a history of drug use (would not state which drugs) but stated he had not taken drugs recently, but indicated that he is a smoker and drinks alcohol most days. It was during this point in the interview that Bruce became increasingly agitated and began threatening to break the doctor’s neck and poke pencils in his eyes. The assessment interview was thusly terminated due to risk to staff.
On consulting Bruce’s electronic medical record it was indicated that Bruce has a history of schizophrenia characterised by delusions, auditor and visual hallucinations, and increased aggression in addition to substance use disorder and anti-social personality traits. Bruce first presented to mental health services in 1998 aged 17 and has had multiple admissions to mental health services since. He has a history of violence, often spontaneous in nature, and has tested positive for amphetamines and THC in the past. Bruce was documented as having an itinerant lifestyle often moving through different arears of NSW and Victoria, but noted as having a strong
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