Case Study: Budgens Stores Ltd

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Organizational Culture Cultural Diversity Communication Barriers Teams and work groups Team composition Workplace Conflicts Personal Interests vs. Organizational goals Lack of support and coordination Ethical Issues Local laws and regulations Compensation Planning Employee Retention Competitors' HR Strategies Virtual teams Personal and business ethics Information safety Stakeholder relationships Different compensation packages for Parent Country Nationals , Host Country Nationals, and Third Country Nationals Market based salaries Control employee turnover and rate of absenteeism Effective motivational techniques Performance appraisal Competitive salaries and compensation packages Greater growth opportunities Strong industrial relations BUDGENS STORES LTD. GLOBAL EXPANSION 24 Running head: BUDGENS STORES LTD. GLOBAL EXPANSION Budgens background Budgens Stores Ltd. is a large scale chain of food stores in the United Kingdom. It is the subsidiary of Musgrave Retail Partners GB a successful retail corporation in the UK. Budgens Stores Ltd. (branded as Budgens) was founded in 1872 by John Budgen as a small food and grocery store in Maidenhead, Berkshire. He converted his business into a private limited company in 1962. At present, Budgens Stores operates with more than 180 stores in West UK, South UK, and Wales. It

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