Case Study: Build-a-Bear: Build-a-Memory

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According to this case, in the 1990s dot-coms were very popular. The walk-in stores were not excelling and at this time it seemed like a bad idea to open one that will be selling stuffed animals. Despite this fact, Maxine Clark founded Build- A-Bear Workshop in 1996. Unexpectedly, Clark’s store excelled quickly and greatly, having more supporters versus non-supporters. Not only is the company continuously excelling in profits, but it is also expanding the availability of its products by the many store locations it has opened. The Build-A-Bear Workshop is an organized world where children are able to create their very own stuffed animal just how they want it. The process has a total of seven stations, in which the animal is fully put …show more content…
In completing each and every one of these tasks, it helps to create a unique experience and special memory for the child. Not only does the child get something out of this transaction, but the company also gains. In return for giving the customer a unique friend, experience and memory, the company gets increased revenue, increased customer base and increases its standing as far as competition with other companies. 3. Which of the five marketing management concepts best describes Build-A-Bear Workshop?
The marketing management concept the best describes Build-A-Bear is the marketing concept. Build-A-Bear made it its priority to figure out the needs and wants of its customer and did its best to satisfy them. It is a customer-centered organization and achieves this by interacting with the customers and working to build long-term relationships. They are not trying to force a product onto a service, they are providing them with the product and experience that they desire. Just as the market concept takes an outside-in perspective, Build-A-Bear also takes an outside-in perspective. They looked at the customers’ needs and took actions that were in the interest of satisfying the customers and in return makes a profit by building long-lasting relationships with customers. Simply put, Build-A-Bear Workshop is a customer-driven company.
4. Discuss in detail the value that Build-A-Bear creates

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