Case Study : Building A Policy Briefing

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Stephana PEA
Prof. Aaron Watches
May 8, 2016
Submitted on April 11, 2016
University of Baltimore- Spring Quarter 2016

What can the Baltimore government/policy makers do about homeless in Baltimore?
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the policy and actions that can be taken to end the homelessness issue. Homeless is a serious multi-faceted issue that requires the involvement of many agencies, policymakers, governments and faith-organizations. Having no home is a miserable experience, causing health problems, exacerbating existing health problems, and complicating treatment. It is so difficult to find a safe place to stay, obtain enough food, keep clean, and stay out of the way of the police and even sleeping on the streets, on people’s sofa and in doorways, Baltimore’s homeless population has been increased in recent years. There are several answers to this issue, and its depend on the individual’s matters. One of the solutions to end homelessness in Baltimore city is housing, trying to re-housing the homeless people in a safe environment. Second, ending poverty, next another solution to homelessness is guaranteeing that everybody has the health and confirmatory services that they need to stay housed. For individuals who are mentally sick or physically disabled. It is often the case that overburdened family members cannot or do not wish to care for them. This reduces their options to abandoned buildings or…

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