Case Study : ' Burger King '

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Burger King. McDonalds.Wendy’s. All of these restaurants have one thing in common: they all are apart of the fast food chain. A chain that is supported by 1 of 4 Americans each day. Americans. The ones who say “filing my taxes are easier than doing taxes.” Although this statement is sad, it is true. It is very challenging to eat healthy by the way we run our lives. Not to mention it is nearly impossible to go into a grocery store and find a true well balanced meal without spending an hour in the store. Let’s also just not include the point that we don 't have the time nor the patience to spare an hour of our time to dedicate to eating healthy. To say an American life is busy, is an understatement. Our lives are constantly hectic,…show more content…
We don’t care that now American children may be the first generation in modern history to have a shorter average life span than their parents. And this number has nothing to do with drugs or car accidents, but it has everything to do with that them and their parents are feeding them food with ingredients they can’t even pronounce. Haven’t you heard if you can’t pronounce what your eating, you probably shouldn’t be eating it? Guess not. Well we should probably take the advice since we are one of the top leading obese countries. The reason being is that we have a problem with portion control. Portion size is one if the main sites in the leading causes of obesity. We have a problem with portioning because because our eyes are bigger than our stomach. Our eyes jump out and decide our current meal. Our eyes can often dissuade us from other (healthier) options. To be honest this is not a main besides the fact our eyes tend to want the biggest option available. Then our eyes become our stomach, and deceive us into thinking we need the big size when we really don’t. It is just not our food that is supersize. It is also the way we live our lives. These are jam-packed lives that are lead by busy, successful people who are involved with the world around them. They always don’t have to go home and have sit-down meals. Here is a fast food lunch meal purchased by a teen: Big Mac (560), Large Fries (400) and a chocolate Shake (320). This meals provides the teen with 1,280
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