Case Study : Business Research Methods

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BMO6630 - Business Research Methods
Assessment 1: Structured Abstract

This structured abstract will review the topic of ‘leadership’ through the research of, Fiedler, Ahn and Ettner, Muchiri et al and Vimba et al.

1. Brief summary of the theory and progression in the field (i.e., how has the theory developed since first proposed?)

Fielder’s research, which occurred in 1964, proposes that the most important aspect of successful leadership is the relationship between the leader and his or her subordinates and that this aspect creates the conditions for success. Fiedler also proposes a second important dimension, task structure, which, within the context of the relationship between the leader and his or her subordinates, also impacts leadership success.

Fiedler recognises there are numerous variables within the above hypothesis, such as, task specificity or task ambiguity, power of the leader, acceptance of the leader by his or her team, permissive leadership style or controlling leadership style. Fiedler categorises and presents these variables in an eight-cubed model as a means of showing the way in which different combinations of these variables may or may not determine successful leadership. The author posits that the way in which these variables interact determines the conditions in which the leader is successful, or otherwise.

In the time since Fiedler’s research the subject of leadership has received significant and ongoing attention. Among numerous authors on
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