Case Study : Business With Marshall

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Continuing Business with Marshall Discontinuing business with Marshall would be the best option from a spiritual as well as a business standpoint. Viewing this situation from a business perspective, the actions of Marshall were not only deceitful but also illegal. Referencing the spiritual aspect the choices of Marshall were extremely immoral. Across the world it is common knowledge that a good relationship between businesses and their suppliers is vital to the prosperity of the business of the receiving party in addition to the supplier. According to the Tasmanian government business department in order to maintain this relationship two important factors are to pay suppliers promptly and communicate with a supplier if an extension for payment is necessary. Marshall neglected to take either of these steps. Although invoices are generally not viewed as legally binding documents the Muscadine Company would have been within their rights to discontinue being Marshall’s supplier based upon his consistent late/non-payment for the supplied goods. Marshalls lack of knowledge or apathy for business law is also concerning and would be basis for termination of any business relationship. Marshall asking the Muscadine companies son to sign a contract is against the law. The most obvious reason for this is that the son was a minor at the time of entrance into the contract. Minors in most cases are considered incapable of entering into a legally binding contract because of their

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