Case Study : Cafe And Music

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1. Executive Summary

1.1. Company profile:

Cuppas Café and Music unique coffee shop business concept presented in the energetic and music loving city Kathmandu, Nepal. It conglomerates the desire for music and coffee to bring a community place where coffee and music come together to learn enjoy and share music over a nice cup of coffee with beautiful environment. Our goal is to be the place that comes to people’s mind when they are thinking of relaxing with friends and other music lovers while enjoying coffee and bakeries with them.

1.2. Business Model:

Our business model is made upon leveraging balancing nature of the coffee and music business. The revenue model is composed of three groups of revenue streams
1. Coffee and Bakery item
2. Music instrument sales and rental
3. Rental for music lessons

The coffee shop will generate the largest share of revenue. It will also introduce as music store to the new music lover customers. We plan to upgrade our service for music rental slowly over next 2nd year of operation. We will also develop a website where all the information related to music related updated news and services to attract customers. Customer can also make transaction online on the musical instruments.

This business model will make us to distribute overhead cost over huge number of revenue segments and also help us achieve higher profit margin. Our estimate for overall operating margin is 14%…

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