Case Study : Cafe Coffee Day

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Case study of Café Coffee Day
This case mainly talks about the Café Coffee Day company, and their competitive position with the challenge of the world’s largest global brand coffee chain——Starbucks in five parts. The first part introduces the history of India’s coffee market in total and the detailed information about each of the company is specified in the following two parts. The last two parts focus on elaborating CCD’s “slight course correction” that the management is confident with and raises the discussion about the central question that whether a further response is needed.
In order to find out CCD’s most important advantages to effectively respond to Starbucks’ challenges, several analytical tools will be primarily used for this case. The SWOT analysis helps to provide a general summary of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses in their capabilities, as well as the opportunities and threats which are explored in the PESTLE model. The word PESTLE stands for political, environmental, social, technological, legal, economic and they are all belong to the company’s relative macro-environment level factors. Concerning with the company’s industry level analysis, the competitive position analysis will be used to determine the competitive strategy of the company, which contributes to the decision-making stage of the value chain analysis.
Competitive power
As one of the leading companies in India coffee industry, CCD got several positive factors in its…

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