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The Real California Cheese case study 1/ Analyse the “Happy Cows” campaign that was developed for the California Milk Advisory Board to promote Real California Cheese from an integrated marketing communications perspective. Why do you think the campaign has been so successful? The Happy Cows campaign developed by the CMAB contributed to create a distinct identity that is the focal point of their integrated marketing communications program. This campaign has been successful because it is really customer-orientated, using emotions and humour to reach customers. Indeed customers can easily remember the brand because it puts them in a good mood and leaves a positive image. Moreover, with humour, the campaign is more…show more content…
Actually it is the primary symbol of the company as it is an integral part of their integrated marketing communication plan. This seal builds and maintains brand awareness. The brand uses quality as a positioning strategy. Indeed the seal shows the image of California with a rising sun and rolling plains, on golden, cheddar cheese colored background. It assures consumers that the cheese they are purchasing is natural and is made exclusively in California with Californian cows. With this seal the company gains a competitive advantage on other cheese brands. It makes part of the brand identity as it really makes the difference to the program and to the other cheese brands. The consumer can better trust the brand; it helps guarantying the top quality and the authenticity of the product. Moreover thanks to the seal, the brand can promote different cheeses from many cheese producers. 3/ What was the role of advertising in establishing the Real California Cheese brand personality? What were the constraints the advertising agency had to work around in developing the campaign? How would you describe the personality that was created? What are the pros and cons of the advertising approach? Can the campaign be continued indefinitely? If not, how might it be changed or adapted going forward? Between 1985 and 1995, the company used several ad campaigns run in California to promote RCC including television and radio advertising, as well as

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