Case Study : Camp Bowie Technologies

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MGT 377 Case Study 2

Camp Bowie Technologies, INC.
Camp Bowie Technologies (CBT) primary objective of this assignment is to purchase new cell phones for their field technicians. Their goal is to source the best phones that are with in CBT’s budget constraints and specifications. One of the descriptors “best” is very vague and leaves the meaning open to interpretation. This vagueness leads to difficulties in determining value and being able to break down into smaller tasks. Additional analysis will be required of the cell phones within CBT’s budget constraints and specifications. The operations of CBT should be taken into account as well, in order to identify the best cell phone to purchase.

Background John Lane is a recent graduate who
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Most major carriers supply the iPhone, but the call quality and data speed largely rely on carrier capacity. So, while the quality of the iPhone itself would not vary, the network which it operates on would affect how it performs tasks (e.g. phone calls, sms messaging, etc.). Compared to other products that are purchased by a company, the overall quality of the product is determined by the physical components. For example, a keyboard would operate in the same manner as it would no matter what computer it is hooked up to. However, a cell phone will vary in performance depending on the network it operates. John’s boss incorrectly categorizes cell phones as commodities. This would lead one to believe that pricing should be consistent. According to Benton (2014), “by definition, commodities are homogenous” (p. 81). Upon review of John’s list of potential cell phones and service providers, cell phones are anything but commodities. Cell phones have an array of features and attributes that differentiate on several different types of features such as components, speed, and battery life. On the other hand, commodities have no differentiating features. When a person goes to the gas station for fuel, it is expected that the grade and quality of gasoline will be the same no matter who manufactures or supplies it. Purchasing equipment for business differs from any other consumer purchasing because the purchases are typically higher volume and it must

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