Case Study : ' Camp Jackson Affair '

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Camp Jackson Affair Brigadier General Frost and Brigadier General Lyon are on a collision course. Frost is training his pro-Southern state militia at Camp Jackson over which the Confederate flag is flying. Lyon believes that waiting any longer without action would be dangerous to the cause of the Union and the security of St. Louis. (L174) (L204) (L272) On Friday, May 10, 1861, Johann Voss drills with the rest of his 2nd Regiment on the grounds of the Marine Hospital. This is their usual practice in the morning. They drill for two hours under the watchful eye of their commander, a five-year veteran of the Austrian army, Colonel Henry Boernstein. (L174) (L175) (L272) Suddenly a messenger comes rushing in with an order for Johann and…show more content…
Instead, he and the others are filling the street from curb to curb massed closely together. To the onlookers, he and his regiment appear to be nothing more than an armed mob as none of them have been issued military uniforms. Nervous and frightened, many of the soldiers are holding their guns not up over their shoulders as they were told, but in a ready position with some of them aiming at the people on the pavement. Johann is anxious as everything is oppressively silent. He can hear nothing but the shuffling of feet or, now and then, an officer’s command, or a taunt from the hostile crowd. All four regiments arrive almost simultaneously to surround Camp Jackson. (L174) (L175) (L180) He is deployed on the northwest side of the camp at Grand and Olive. General Lyon sends an officer under a flag of truce into the Confederate camp. This officer presents General Frost with Lyon’s demand to surrender the camp to federal troops within half an hour, or he would experience the worst. Totally surprised by their sudden predicament, there is an uproar and panic in the secessionist camp of 2,000 men. Within 30 minutes, Frost’s assistant appears before Lyon and tells him that Frost agrees to surrender. Over 2,000 secessionists become prisoners in the custody of the mostly German federal troops. In addition, the Union troops have captured 12 cannons, 1,200 rifles, as well as a great amount of other equipment. A feeling of euphoria engulfs Johann as he is
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