Case Study : Campbell Soup Company

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The Main Issue The current problem that Campbell Soup is that the consumers seem to prefer frozen pizza and microwave dinners instead of soup in the United States. This resulted in the decrease in sales for the company. At the same time, an outside talent was recently hired as the new CEO to increase its sales. The company now faces the problem about how to increase its sales facing the decreased demands from consumers. Business Model, Market and Competitive scope Campbell Soup Company is famous for its red and white soup cans. In addition, it also provides lots of other products like sources, beverages, baking and snacks. There are four departments in the company. Currently, it is a global company with services in over 120 countries all around the world. The current growth strategy for the company is market penetration and market development. It grows in the existing markets through increasing the availability of its products and also opens the new markets with the existent and new products as well. Previously, it was a leading food producer in America and existed in about 85 percentages of households. The current market for the company in the United States is decreasing since people are in preference of food with more convenience or dining out. It faces serious competition from the General Mills’ Progresso brand. Currently, the food industry is highly competitive and the competition is worldwide. The major competitors for Campbell Soup include Nestle, Kraft Foods and
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