Case Study: Cari's Story

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A. How would an infection in Cari’s nasal passages and pharynx spread into her sinuses? An infection would spread into Cari’s sinuses due to the sinuses being a drainage area for the nasal passage. B. What is the cough reflex? Describe the process that Cari’s respiratory system is using to clear her lungs by coughing? A cough reflex clears up sputum from the nasal passages and pharynx. In the trachea there are cilia that move mucus up from the lungs. The mucus causes the cough reflex. C. Which structures found in the terminal bronchioles and alveoli normally would protect Cari’s lungs from infectious pathogens and particulate matter? Inside the terminal bronchioles and alveoli there are macrophages that would protect Cari’s…show more content…
These clinical findings show that Cari’s arteries have too much oxygen in them. You can determine this since the normal Po2 of a resting individual is 40 mmHg. On average, a “normal” oxygen saturation rate at rest is 94 percent. I. Which of the symptoms Cari has described are due to lack of oxygen and reduced oxygen exchange at her tissues? Cari mentions that she “pants like a dog” leading to the determination of lack of oxygen. This reduces the oxygen exchange in her tissues. J. As Cari’s Pco2 rose, how was the oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin affected? The hemoglobin releases oxygen more readily, as the Pco2 rises. K. How would you have expected Cari’s decreased Pco2 and alkaline blood pH to have affected her breathing? When your blood pH being alkaline, you experience respiratory alkalosis. The co2 levels drop in your blood which causes complications. L. How would administration of oxygen enhance Cari’s central drive to breathe? Due to the mechanical ventilator, it is able to assist in oxygen perfusion to all of her tissue. Thus, the lungs will be able to expand appropriately. M. Which anatomical structures in Cari’s respiratory system were initially involved? The initial anatomical structures that were involved were her trachea, throat, and lungs. N. Why was Cari plagued with a chronic smoker’s cough? Cari was diagnosed with chronic smoker’s cough due the fact that the cilia were irritated, however, they were paralyzed and

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