Case Study : Carlos Ghosn

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Case Study: Carlos Ghosn
Shannon Stone
Grand Canyon University
LDR 645
January 14, 2015

Case Study: Carlos Ghosn Carlos Ghosn in March of 1999 became the first non-Japanese Chief Operating Officer of the Nissan Motor Company. Nissan was experiencing a very hard financial hardship in total about seven years Nissan was in about 22 billion dollars in financial debt. Nissan have very little capital to use in order to develop new product the future of Nissan was not looking very bright. The last professional cry was help was to recruit Carlos Ghosn. (Millikin, 2005). After Ghosn took over his new position within Nissan in less than 19 months the performs of the company increased. Ghosn created a turnaround of the results of the company. Ghosn had the leader skills to obtain the trust of the employees. Ghosn gained relationships and understanding the emotions of each employee. Ghosn developed cross-functional teams.
Cultural Issues at Nissan When Ghosn entered into Japan many people did not have hope that a non- Japanese leader could really make a difference. Many people did not believe that he could efficiently overcome the Japanese culture and norms. It made Ghosn dig deep into the culture norms and he was able to understand the emotions more effectively. Ghosn knowing the culture and the emotions of the employee lead him to be a successful leader within the company.
National Cultural Issues “Decision making in the Japanese culture, was done at the
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