Case Study : Carly Fiorina And Her Tenure As Ceo Of Hewlett Packard ( Hp )

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This essay seeks to explore the case study of Carly Fiorina and her tenure as CEO of Hewlett Packard (HP), to determine elements of leadership identified in the article. Additionally, the reasons for her failure will be determined by applying leadership theory and analysing how those theories address that failure. Initially, it is important to look at her motives to lead to gain an insight into her behaviours. This will influence the leadership style that is adopted and this style needs to be examined for its effect on her failure. Importantly, the organisational cultural impacts of changes to leadership style need to be investigated in addition to, the influence of the ethical framework created by the board and its new CEO, to determine…show more content…
Style The leadership style of Carly Fiorina deserves careful consideration to understand both her earlier successes at AT&T and Lucent Technologies; and the failures at HP. Overwhelmingly, she adopted an autocratic style which is highly task focused, where results are the primary focus with little regard for employee inputs (DuBrin 2016, p. 126). The evidence of this is apparent from the initial meeting where executives were threatened with job losses if targets were not met (Johnson 2008, p.190). Additionally, this type of leadership can be categorised as a transactional style where a leader motivates subordinates to achieve results through rewards and threats of punishment (Nanjundeswaraswamy & Swamy 2014, p.58). This was evidenced through the implementation of an incentive scheme, putting salaried staff on commission and the firing of employees because of poor numbers (Johnson 2008, pp.190-191). Task focused leadership strategies need to be balanced with relationship management through effective communication to achieve optimum results (Mikkelson, York & Arritola 2015, pp.348-349), therefore, the failure of the CEO to communicate and build relationship contributed to her demise. The use of a ridged transactional style appears to be incongruent with situational requirements at HP, especially considering the long-established company culture. Cultural factors The culture of an organisation is developed over time reflecting the values and personalities of its

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