Case Study : Carol And Workplace Safety Essay

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Case 3: Carol and Workplace Safety Who has moral responsibility for deciding what to do? In this case, we are introduced to Carol Matthews, a production manager for World Auto Parts (WAP). Carol is faced with an ethical dilemma of whether or not to tell her boss, Joan Ross, about a workplace safety issue regarding the safety cover of their new Mark 4 gear press and its increased injury rate on its operators. Carol and another production manager, Phil Thomas, have taken notice of the heightened injury rate and have decided that in order for Joan to take action, they both need to inform here individually. Carol and Phil have a mutual distrust for each other, however, both have a moral responsibility in this situation because in order to resolve this workplace safety issue they will have to cooperate and trust one another. Both of them are concerned that the other won’t end up talking to Joan, making whoever does tell Joan about the safety issue look like a naysayer. This is made even riskier by the fact that the two are competing for a promotion, and by making the other look bad they increase their own chances of securing it. If Carol and Phil simply look out for their own self-interests than the safety issue won’t be resolved. Since they both hold influence over the others actions, and ultimately the outcome of the situation, they can both be held morally responsible. Whose interests must we consider? In this situation, there is several people’s interest that must
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