Case Study Carters Cleaning Company

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1. Specifically, what should the Carters cover in their new employee orientation program and how should they convey this information? Employee orientation is done so that the new employees can be informed of everything they need to function and also it should help the employees get emotionally attached to the firm. Orientation content: * Information on employee benefits * Working Hours * Vacations * Supervisory reporting relationship * Familiarizing employee with colleagues and workplace * Personnel policies * The daily routine * Company organization and operations * Safety measures and regulations * Facilities tour This information can be conveyed through various mediums. One way is through an…show more content…
Which specific training techniques should Jennifer use to train her pressers, her cleaner/spotters, her managers, and her counter people? Why should these training techniques be used? Pressers: * On the Job training- since this is a physical job the employee will learn the job by actually doing the job. First, they will have to be informed of what to do, then trying out the work, and finally doing a follow up. * Job Instruction training- the employee will also be taught the step by step process of the job. * Vestibule training- the new employee will be familiarized with the equipment they will use. Cleaner/Spotter- *
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