Case Study : Case Managers

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I called the constituent and had a long phone conversation and this worker had a hard time following the constituent conversation because she changed back and forth topic, sometimes talking two different and unrelated topics at the same time. Ms Barbarito was very agitated trying to say many things at the same time and at times she was babbling and even stammering incomplete sentences. To make it even harder, it was a beep and constant sound emitted by her phone. I asked her if she is having issues with her phone, she said yes, and asked this worker to hold on please. It seemed like she was typing on her phone, she then said was trying to mute the alert beep, but she couldn’t. She asked this worker to call her again. I called her again but…show more content…
I asked her if that happened in 2012 as well, she said no, it happened in 2015. I asked her to please help me to understand how those two issues are connected or they are different issues. She said are different. So, then I asked her if her complaint now is about breach of confidentiality done by Joshua and Shannon back in 2015. She said, “please let me continue, otherwise you will not understand”. She said that the problem is that the DHS supervisors are covering up these three workers, because when she asked a copy of her records, she received in two different pieces and none of the documentation had information about the breach of confidentiality done by Joshua sending her information to the perpetrator and by Bill sending to the false information to the SSA. I asked her what would be the role of the GAO helping her. Does she still is having problems getting her records, she said no, she already got all the documentation. She needs to have a meeting with this worker, so she can show us the file that she has with all the information proving that these three worker had falsified information. I informed her about the GAO’s role and that we do not have a set up place to have meetings. She also was informed that this office does not have resources to do that type of investigation. I offered to refer her case to the OAAPI, but then she started crying and she barely was able to speak, she repeated many times
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