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Case study analysis In 2001 Enriquez had to decide whether or not he wanted to retain his job as a medical director in West Jersey or proceed with a procedure to transform from male to female. Enriquez decided in order to overcome his identify disorder, he had to transition; because of his decision, Enriquez received negative feedback from his co-workers because he proceeded with the transformation to make himself become the person he longed to be. As a female Enriquez was under even more scrutiny and was eventually terminated as a director. Enriquez realized she was discriminated against and this case would fall under the New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (LAD).
Personal observation Based on my observation of this case study, Enriquez was not only discriminated against but also bullied because of an identify disorder. Enriquez was hired to be a director of a hospital based on qualifications, and prior job history. It is unfortunate she was criticized for a disorder she suffered from as a male. Her co-workers should have taken the time to understand what she was going through instead of passing judgement.
Legal aspects
As mentioned above Enriquez could file a discrimination case under LAD. Melvin & Katz (2015) states:
The court reasoned since the “LAD” makes it unlawful to discriminate against someone based upon sex and affectional or sexual orientation, individuals who were transsexual or affected by a gender identify disorder were also considered to

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