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Assignment 1: Cat & Jack 1. After the recession, Target’s value proposition shifted to simply offer affordable options in a wide array of product areas. However, now with better economic conditions and without the ability to offer lower prices than its affordable retail competitors, such as Walmart, and in order to stay relevant and refresh the company, Target needs to reposition itself as the high-quality concept and style-oriented retail store it was once known for. 2. More often than not, Target’s products fall under the consumer discretionary category. Thus, the company is vulnerable to macroeconomic forces— consumer spending trends, employment and income, and GDP (gross domestic product) growth rate. After a failed attempt to expand into Canada, Target’s operations are limited to the United States market. This makes the company’s financial performance more vulnerable to our fluctuating economy. It is primarily these macro forces, in the recession and thereafter, that forced Target to shift towards an affordability focus in all of its product lines. However, these macro forces, in the betterment of the state of the economy, also provide Target with the opportunity to refresh its product offerings according to the tastes and preferences of its consumers, while continuing to offer a relatively low price point, regardless of the product area. In this way, Target is shifting from employing a production concept, in which its main focus is to sell products at a low production

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