Case Study : Charles Chocolate And High Employee Satisfaction And Retention Rate

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Charles Chocolate is one of the most prominent chocolate brand in New England, having various chocolate product line with highest quality and customer loyalty. Charles has only one production facility in Portland with high employee satisfaction and retention rate. Although it has strong financial position as off today, Charles has been dealing with various problems regarding production, supply chain management and product design. The current president, Steve Parkland has the job to double or triple the size of the company, and for doing that he will also have to review sales and marketing, IT and human resources strategy to continue the healthy financial position of Charles and accelerate the sluggish growth rate in future. After the case study, we are expecting Jim to make recommendations about resolving the ongoing operational limitations, revitalizing marketing and sales, and probable expansion possibilities. Jim will also make decisions about finding the right successor for Charles and solving some HR issues. External Analysis The relevant components for macro-environment analysis related to Charles are given below 1) Geographical: a. There are less number of tourist in recent times in Portland and Boston area. It will hurt the brand as Charles has more concentration in these geographical locations. b. In other parts of the country, the brand Charles is not ubiquitous. 2) Social: a. There has been change in consumer demand among younger demographic. Health

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