Case Study : Charleston Shoe Company Essay

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CSC, or better known as Charleston Shoe Company to the general public, is a local comfort brand that sells stylish shoes to women. CSC is a specific lexis that only members of Charleston Shoe Company would understand. This feature is defined by John Swales, who defines a discourse community in his book Genre Analysis. CSC recognizes that many women have problems with their feet, which can include bunions, high insteps, and plantars fasciitis. The Charleston shoes have elastic uppers so that the shoe can form to the foot, which makes them extremely comfortable while they remain in style. While the members of Charleston Shoe Company may seem like a regular group of people, in reality, it is a tight knit discourse community. According to John Swales, a discourse community has six identifying characteristics, all in which need to be present to decide if a community is a discourse community. The six characteristics include: Common goals, a system of intercommunication between members, participation that leads to information and feedback, one or more genres of communication, a specific lexis and a balance between levels of expertise (471-3). It was important that Swales created a definition of discourse community because all previous definitions were either too vague or were not clear in how to identify a discourse community (469). Now that it has been properly defined, one can see that discourse communities and rhetoric have a direct correlation. It is also beneficial to look at

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