Case Study: Chical, LLC

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Provide an example of your experience with work-related project that you enjoyed completing from start to finish. Describe the project, what steps were involved in planning, organizing and developing and delivery of the project.

The owner of ChiCal, LLC contacted me about creating a new electronic employee handbook for her staff. Her former business corporation previously had employed me. ChiCal, LLC owns and operates six retail UPS stores in Indianapolis. ChiCal was formed after the previous company Rojo Investments was dissolved and several retail UPS stores were sold from the company portfolio. After forming ChiCal, LLC the owner purchased then number one print producing UPS Store in the Indianapolis district. The company handbook
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I was specifically interested learning whether the users could gain an understanding of the policies, as well as, find common tasks. To meet this goal, a usability test was conducted on the ChiCall, LLC Employee Manual. After analyzing the results of the usability test and making minor revisions, I was confident to present the final electronic and paper version of the handbook. After receiving final approval of the employee handbook, I worked with the IT associate to add the handbook to ChiCall, LLC employee website. This was advantageous as employees can easily access policies directly from the website. This also allows the owner to remove old polices and update new versions of policies and procedures. The owner prints the employee handbook as…show more content…
She was responsible for managing, marketing, making sales calls and accounting for daily business. Since her time was limited, I built a business relationship with her general manager to answer any questions or concerns I had regarding the employee manual.

2. Describe a work-related situation where you encountered conflicting information in the process of completing a project or task. How did you resolve this so that you could move forward with the task/project?

In my current position, I am responsible for admission into the BSW and MSW program at the IU School of Social Work. Last year, the admission application went to an online application procedure. This year the school also implemented a mandatory online new student orientation for accepted students. I work with two academic advisers in planning the MSW orientation. Each adviser gave me different instructions for how the students would complete the orientation and register for classes. I gather information how each strategy I wanted the student’s first impression to be positive when starting the graduate

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