Case Study : Chief Officer Of Apple

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Dear Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook. I am a student currently residing in Canada who is concerned about the ongoing use of conflict minerals in your technology. It is in my belief that your supplier’s illicit acquirement of such materials contribute to the ongoing slaughter of millions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Thus, the ceasement of purchasing such products could immensely impact the country’s wrongful industry built on the foundation of slavery and bloodshed. Unfortunately, if no further initiative is taken, I will have no other choice but to boycott your products until progressive action happens.

For, years the Congo has been in a bloody civil war that has ravaged the nation. Consequently, this is because of three minerals: Tungsten, , and Gold. Sadly, each of which can be found in your technology. The government has perilously fought rebel militia groups in which try and control these prized resources for the accumulation of great wealth and power. Whenever you purchase conflict minerals, you are funding war leaders. The money they earn is used to buy guns which consequently, give them more authority. Currently, the Congo’s government is struggling to control these terrorists, day by day the rebels have more money for firearms- day by day their guns get bigger and more powerful. Because of this, these groups have caused the death of over 5 million citizens. Let’s just put that into perspective, it’s more people than the whole city of Los
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