Case Study : ' Children's Hospital Labor ' Delivery ' Triage '

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Name and Date: Ngan Nguyen July 11, 2015 Clinical Unit: OU Children’s Hospital Labor & Delivery/ Triage 1. What were your “ah ha” moments? For example: What surprised you? Did you have a moment when practice clicked into place with theory? Did you have a moment when you saw something related to what you had previously only heard about? Did something just click into place and make sense? Describe. This week is my final week. I was assigned to another nurse, Chelsea, at labor and delivery because my preceptor had to train a new nurse. By working with another nurse allow me the opportunity to see how different nurse function differently. The nurse who I was assigned is much more easy-going, her pace is much more relaxing, comparing to he serious pace of my preceptor. She doesn’t believe checking patient every 15 minutes/ 30 minutes; she evaluate the patient and check on them when she think fitted with the patient needs. So looking at the strip and assess the mother, she does not think that we need to check on the patient as often. I don’t know whether it is my fortune or not but I came across thing that nurses at the unit may not even seen during their time there. My preceptor even commented that I see crazy thing. This week when I followed the nurse instead of my preceptor as mentioned previously, I had the opportunity to see a shoulder dystocia birth. The nurses performed the McRoberts and the suprapubic pressure on the patient. I remember that when I discussed with

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