Case Study : Chinese Healthcare System

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Chinese Healthcare System
This paper will focus on China’s 3 healthcare plans. It will look at the sources of funding for each medical health insurance plan and who is covered under each plan. It will also look at the actual costs for individuals, government and businesses if any.
China’s impressive economic growth was the driving force behind the new healthcare system with the goal of providing health insurance to all its citizens by the year 2020. China’s economy has been growing at a rate above 9 percent per year (Hu, Ljungwall 2013)1. Healthcare equity is the ultimate goal of China’s new healthcare reform. The Chinese government wants to provide equal access to healthcare for its entire population regardless of where they live. Urban and rural residents alike will have equal access to healthcare under the new health insurance program. According to Hu and Ljungwall, the new healthcare system currently provides coverage for more than 90 percent of China’s population (2013).
To ensure equity and transparency in the new healthcare system, the government tasked various agencies and departments with the implementation, funding and oversight of the new healthcare program. For example, the State Council Healthcare Reform Leadership Committee is responsible for making laws and setting general guidelines for the new healthcare program, while the control and day to day operation and management of the healthcare system rest entirely with the 31 territories within china’s boundary…

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