Case Study : Ciao Food Friends

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Final Assignment Ciao food friends, for my last assignment in Italian foods I chose to create a Margarita pizza! The pizza is easily an Italian favourite and originated in Naples, Italy. In the streets of Naples the first pizza the “Pizza Napoletana” was simply dough with garlic, lard, salt, and anchovies. However, the pizza gained popularity when Queen Margherita came to visit Naples in 1889; Chef Raffaele Esposito created a pizza similar to the colors of the Italian flag red, white, and green and named it after the queen. Though there are writings of such pizzas that can be traced back to 1866 Chef Raffaele Esposito’s version is responsible for its popularity across the world today. I chose to cook a pizza because I felt as though it was an Italian dish that I identified with the most. Here in North America pizza is a big part of our “fast food culture” meaning we want quick, fast, and cheap products. Controversially, in our online readings pizza was described as an important part of Italian culture, a slow cooking process, and as having great historical significance within Italy. Further, I chose this recipe because I thought it would be educational to try a “real” pizza and compare the differences between Italian and North American pizzas. For my Margherita pizza the ingredients consisted of whole and simple ingredients as all pizza recipes should. The dough which was made from scratch called for: tepid water, extra-virgin olive oil, sugar, kosher salt, unbleached

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