Case Study : Cisco Systems : Web Enablement

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HBR Case #2: Cisco Systems: Web Enablement. 1) After investing $15 million implementing an ERP system, Cisco spent the next two years investing $100 million in web-enablement initiatives. Why did they do that? How did standardized web protocols contribute to the success of these efforts? The Cisco Company began its web development in the early 1990s and that was an attempt which made them to move forward for the web enablement after the big investment on the ERP system. There were major benefits associated with the system and the big investment of almost 100$million. The main plan was that the company would enable all of their application which will lead to the high percentage of the Cisco customers, partners, suppliers and the interaction with the company is network based and also that begins at the Cisco home page. The other reason for implementing the web enablement was that the company built its business process on its own with the global internet. The major factors which lead to the investment on the web enablement were the employee self service, communication and the distance learning, the customer self service, net commerce, executive information system and the major decision support system. These were the major reason for carrying out the big investment. The employee service had the majority of the internal application related to web enabled. The other was on the basis of the use of corporate intranet which carry out the need of the 40000 employees of the company.

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