Case Study : City Electric Supply

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My day was spent interacting with a field that I am not normal too. When choosing my salesperson, I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and look into a different kind of sales, besides agriculture. The salesperson I chose sells personal protection equipment such as: safety goggles, hard hats, glasses, and safety vests for mostly contractors and electricians. Mr. Albert led me on a long and interesting day visiting multiple different locations of a company called City Electric Supply.
Thomas Mackie founded City Electric Supply in 1951, and still to this day is a family owned wholesale electrical business to supply electrician and contractors with electrical supplies. City Electric has close to 900 branches, and is operating in 7 different countries including the United States.
Mike Albert has been working with City Electric for just a year. Even though he has not been working with this company very long, I got the impression that he is very familiar with the companies’ history, mission, products, and employees. He was always prepared and new the employees, or sales reps by name and had both professional and personal relationships with everyone we spoke to that day. Everyone that we came in contact with knew him, as he knew him or her. Before going into any company, he gave me a brief description of the company, who works there, and what he was hoping to accomplish while we were in the location making a sales call.
Before going into the sales call, he double-checked he
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