Case Study: Civil Air Patrol

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I have been a member of the organization called Civil Air Patrol for nearly four years. Within Civil Air Patrol, cadets and adults within the organization serve their communities by participating in cadet leadership programs, aerospace education, and emergency service activities.

Cadets in Civil Air Patrol have the very rare opportunity of participating in activities where they may be part of a team of four to sixteen individuals and may be the leader of said teams. Some of these activities include National Rifle Association shooting competition and rating activities, orientation rides in Cessna aircraft, leadership oriented schools, and specialty schools so cadets may learn about anything that may interest or aid them.
Some of these activities
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Encampment, being a stressful environment comparable to a military basic course, is a difficult course to go through, and Cadet Short went through one of the harder portions of encampment. He came in as one of the first cadets to show up, and he got the brunt of all the stress. He struggled through the first day of encampment, the first day being the most stressful because you're being faced with all the new systems and knowledge, and the rest of the week just degraded him more. I had to pull him aside on the third day and tell him that he was going to make it through the camp. I told him that if he ever felt that he couldn't that he should call me aside so we could work it out together.

He made it through that encampment, and the next time I saw him he thanked me for helping him through that encampment. Even though I am very sure he would've made it through that activity without my assistance, I am very proud to have been able to help him in any way I did.

Cadet Clouse was about the exact opposite of Cadet Short. Clouse didn't just get hit by the stress and take it. He took the stress and used it to his and his team's advantage. I watched him as he took my orders, helped organize my team, and motivated my team when I
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