Case Study: Clara Galicia. A Study Of Self-Discovery And

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Case Study: Clara Galicia
A study of self-discovery and the connection to several theorists, accounts the development in learning as a young Native American/Spanish woman from childhood to adulthood as she struggles through her development in lifelong learning into her confidence in the career world. Several theorists are important to assessing the case study, who are: Jean Piaget, Erik Erickson, Sigmund Freud, B.F. Skinner and Carol Gilligan.
Physical Description
Clara Galicia was born Native American/Spanish with dark eyes, light complication, light brown hair and very petite. Clara was a middle child out of three girls and the smallest. Being the smallest and the middle child, she frequently felt misplaced within her family circle.
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Social Development
Instead of reaching out to her parents or siblings Clara built a wall that would only hurt her language and learning development in grade school more. “Erikson, an American psychologist theorized that as human’s development through the eight stages would contribute in the processes of human development that he believed that interconnection of social factors would result in a healthy life or a non-healthy life, (Heffner, 2017).” Clara at this stage in her life she did not trust too many people and this was not healthy both socially and emotionally. Keeping to herself would only hurt her educational development in learning and catching up with her peers. Erikson’s development theory made sense, “Clara’s language and learning development needed to go from negative to positive, (Heffner, 2017)”, by working on her speech and learning abilities. So, that she could prove that she did not have a learning “handicap” and be able to be on the same level as her peers. Clara would be able to move on to the next stage (move on to second grade). A few teachers got together and came up with a plan.
Emotional Development
Clara felt more alone than before, but her teachers had a plan and after meeting with Clara’s parents, they could move on to the next step. The school offered Clara’s parents a speech
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