Case Study : Clare's Chocolates

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1. The basic characteristics of the marketing concept that could be identified in Clare’s Chocolates are as follows:
a. Word of Mouth
Clare’s Chocolate Cafes use word of mouth marketing vs. more traditional avenues of marketing. This fits in with the organization’s focus on providing high quality chocolate products to customers. As the perception of a quality product is subjective, people tend to believe the opinions of friends or associates when they describe a product and say that it is good, of high quality, and whether or not it is worth the price paid. It’s about earning the respect and trust of customers and gaining new customers when they refer a product to a friend. Word of mouth is also a good business decision because it reduces the cost of advertising. The organization is duty bound, by this practice, to always been relevant and on top of product quality, service delivery and customer satisfaction.
b. Product Quality
Clare’s Chocolate Cafes has always used good quality cocoa to make their chocolate products. This is, in itself, an amazing marketing product because customers know that while they may be paying a little bit more, the product is worth it. As well, the organization makes a wise customer draw when each hot beverage is served with a high quality chocolate product. The early practice of making chocolate products by hand and providing individual or pre-packaged products, of all sizes, for the customer to select, was

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