Case Study: Client Satisfaction

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Introduction The case deals with client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is core to the existence and survival of many company. There are three aspects to achieving this optimum situation: The frequency and quality of the company's contact with client Rapid response to problems attention to details. Supernova had at one time been adepts in satisfying these criteria and had, accordingly, achieved an unsurpassed reputation shooting them to the top of the field. In fact, the name Supernova became synonymous to client satisfaction. The initiator of this situation was Robert Knapp, who , seeking to leverage Merril Lynch from top position came up with the name and focused on client service as their key point. By the end of 1995, Merrill Lynch had attained fourth position due to its program of Supernova that placed the emphasis on achieving superior customer satisfaction. The Case Merril Lynch's stride to success has been extraordinary. Started in 1907, Merril Lynch epitomized the motif of "bringing Wall Street to main Street". In the 1970s the firm added investment banking to retail brokerage, and in 2000, Merill was described as "a preeminent financial management and advisory company serving governments, institutions, and investors throughout the world.". In 2003, Merril Lynch became one of the leading international financial-services firm and a major player on Wall Street employing more financial advisors than those of its competitors. this case study is an
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