Case Study : Coach Inc.

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MEMORANDUM TO: CHERYL TRAHMS, CHAIRPERSON OF THE BOARD OF COACH INC. FROM: NICOLAS GRACIA SUBJECT: RECOMMENDATIONS CONCERNING THE COURSE OF ACTIONS FOR AVAIABLE OPPORTUNITIES DATE: 11/10/15 CC: SUMMARY Coach Inc. is an American Luxury goods company that became a publicly traded company in the year 2000. The company has been able to improve their market share by using their accessible luxury strategy. The company has the ability to be aware and assess the needs and preferences of the consumers. Coach has the opportunity to increase their sales by selling using the online medium, and can leverage the marketing initiatives for targeting a large number of customers. However, there has been a strong competition in the luxury goods…show more content…
The use of the best value strategy has driven immense success to the company, and the use of this strategy has been accomplished and is evident from the following factors: Cost: The company in order to attract the middle income consumers as well as the affluent and wealthy consumers, influencing them to spend more on handbags, Coach focused on matching the quality and styling of the key rivals in the luxury market by reducing their prices by 50% as compared to that of the competitors. This helped the company to attain a competitive advantage in the industry. Customer service: A product is a tangible component, but there are some other intangible components as well that influence the buying behaviour of the consumers. The company also focused in this area and improved their customer service that helped them to lure the consumers to buy the products. Quality: The quality that is offered by the company is high and superior. The products are of superb quality that is eligible to compete in the market. Moreover, despite having a higher quality, the products have reasonable mark-up price that poses a tough competition in front of the competitors. Styling: The company has a wide range of variety of products that are unique for everyone and

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