Case Study : Coach Inc.

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Coach Inc. has been in business since 1941 when it was started out as a family- run workshop in a Manhattan loft where six skilled workers made hand-crafted leather goods. The skills of these people came had been passed down for generations and soon consumer came to invest in the high quality and uniquely made goods. The company started out by selling small leather goods, but in the 1960s, introduced cowhide purses that we know today as their trademark.
Business Plan
Since the beginning Coach Inc. has expanded exponentially and continues to grow at an estimated rate of approximately 14 percent per year. Their strategies for continuing to grow as a company are to transform into a lifestyle brand, increase their global distribution, and improve the productivity of their store sales. They have also expanded by creating joint venture and increases distributor relationships. They are aggressively growing market share and accelerating brand awareness by expanding their retail sales internationally into Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, Ireland, and Germany. They have definitely made a point to expand domestically and are using Simon’s Forum Shops to accomplish it. This partnership has given them access to their target market, the customers that can spend more freely and are in search of upscale, luxury goods. For example, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and Roosevelt Field in Long Island are among Coach’s highest volume locations.
Coach uses direct…

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