Case Study : Coach Patrice 's Athletes

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Coach Patrice was able to motivate his athletes by providing positive feedback at times to that would strengthen their sport performance. Even when working on the team’s weaknesses the athletes were really having fun, this showed that Patrice had skills that reflected motivating activities “ these are activities that athletes really want to have a go at, right from the very start”. In this concept there are 5 components’ that develop challenging activates that motivate athletes to learn “Originality, affective component, meaning, openness and dynamic” (Reference Material, 2013, pg. 80). The two components that were most evident was the dynamic and meaning component. There was always a need for an increased intensity and active engagement of the players, during possession drill of 6 vs 2 was being practiced the two athletes that were together knew they had to increase their intensity and get the ball back to their side. They needed to understand that they had to effectively communicate and attack as one unit in order to take away the ball and not just run around like head-less chickens. This drill made them establish linkages with the objectives outlined for this activity. In accordance with the Theory of Competence motivation, positive feedback creates positive emotions which enhance this competence aspect and make people feel worthy (Elliot, 2005, pg.6). As noted here self-esteem and perceived control has a direct effect on motivation, the coach should have compliment the

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