Case Study : Coaching Initiatives Fail

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Summary Coaching is a purposeful connection with another human that supports immediate change and stimulates long term sustainable results (Mann, S., & Smith, S., 2015, p.36)
Mentoring is a way to make employees feel more fulfilled, engaged and productive in the work environment (Retrieved from
It is important to note that there is a difference between a coach and mentor and managers and supervisors who go the extra mile to work with these individuals are the true mentors. Mentoring focuses more on the future and a broader skill for personal or career development, whereas coaching focuses more on current problems. Being a mentor is a responsibility that the person choses to carry on for a long time as opposed to coaching that is short term based.
Coaching initiatives fail sometimes because the difference between the role of manager, mentor and coach is not well understood. Each can help employees meet their principal objectives, life development, leadership and self-awareness, but a manager, a mentor and a coach’s roles are distinct, their tasks are different, and each is occupied with different aspects of an employee’s daily job, long-term career and life. (
In order to retain skilled employees and develop future leaders, it is essential to understand employee career objectives and align them with organizational goals. This can be achieved by incorporating…
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