Case Study: Coast Cutter Spencer

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Are we being set up for failure? Coast Guard Cutter SPENCER’s schedule is not effective for operations and training. Internally, we are scheduling last minute events that are not advantageous to successful workday schedule, making it difficult for divisions to complete projects on time and maximize liberty for all. A permanent change of station (PCS) transfer will take place between two critical training evolutions, making it a challenge for the crew to obtain the proper amounts of training and practice for these evolutions. A major dockside availability is scheduled during a critical time, severely cutting down on time to allow new members to train in specific jobs and billets. These complications and schedule conflicts could play a role in our ability to conduct operations and potentially put lives at risk. Onboard the SPENCER, there are certain days where only certain projects can be accomplished. On these days, schedule changes might be made at last minute to accomplish events such as range dates, physical fitness assessments and small boat colleges. These scheduling conflicts could affect divisions that only have a limited time to complete specific projects such as engine…show more content…
There is an extensive amount of work needing to be completed, requiring certain inspectors, certain departments, and certain supervisor’s undivided attention. Some of these projects include a complete overhaul of the sewage system, main engine rebuilds and a complete installation of new flooring. This will make it very difficult to be affective and train the new members who PCS in. Generally, no dockside contract has been completed in sufficient time to work any “bugs” out of the system before a patrol, let alone TSTA. Scheduling this dockside during this time will only put added stress on the members not PCS transferring, and possibly put us on a path for an unsuccessful trip to
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