Case Study : Coca Cola Company

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Veda Dyne
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Coca-Cola Company
Coca-Cola was originally invented in Atlanta, Georgia by a pharmacist named John Pemberton in 1886. This fragment was caramel-colored liquid that was made specifically to cure morphine addicts. The formula contained 8.46 mg of cocaine and was enhanced by caffeine from the kola nut. In May of 1886, the drink was first sold to the public in a soda fountain at Jacob’s Pharmacy for five cents a glass. Its first year sales brought in a total of fifty dollars. In 1893, Asa Candler transformed Coca-Cola from an invention into a business. Coca-Cola was first bottled in Mississippi by a businessman named Joseph Biedenharn in the year of 1895. In 1899, the right to bottle and sell the product was secured by three businessmen named, Benjamin Thomas, John Lupton, and Joseph Whitehead. Candler sold the bottling rights to these men for just one dollar. The Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana, won a contest to design the famous Contour bottle in 1916. Coca-Cola wanted a distinctive bottle for their product to assure customers they were drinking the real Coca-Cola, and to keep their product out of arms reach of “copycats”. In 1900, there were only two bottlers for Coca-Cola and by the 1920’s there were over one thousand. This is only the beginning of the Coca-Cola Company.
Coca-Cola has since evolved from a very simple company, to a mass produced, billion dollar company. The company now manufactures and owns more than 500 beverage brands.
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