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1. What role does corporate reputation play within organizational performance and social responsibility? Develop a list of factors or characteristics that different stakeholders may use in assessing corporate reputation. Are these factors consistent across stakeholders? Why or why not? A corporation’s reputation will weigh heavily on the overall performance of the company as the various stakeholders will interact or transact purchases from the company base on their reputation. Essentially the reputation will determine the flow of business for the company. Customers and/or clients will prefer a company with a positive reputation and will likely remain loyal to the company. The company will also have a competitive advantage with a positive…show more content…
This would include charitable organizations and foundations either created or funded by the company. 4. The corporation should remain committed to quality in that their products are thoroughly regulated within the company to ensure a consistent product. 5. The corporation needs to have a strong commitment to their customers by caring about the customer’s needs, wants and complaints. 6. The corporation needs to have financial stability for the company to continue to operate in the future. Financial stability also confirms the management is doing well at managing the operations of the company. 7. The corporation needs to have excellent management to be able to manage the daily flow of business and ensure the company remains profitable. 8. The corporation needs to provide not only a quality product but a reliable product in which the company is able to strongly support including providing all of the necessary systems to ensure product support. 9. The corporation needs to be an innovator to maintain consistent growth of the company which will also help to ensure future business and financial stability. 10. The corporation should also provide a physical and emotional appeal so the customers, clients and any other stakeholder can feel confident about the company. These factors can be used consistently across the various types of

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