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Case study: Cocoa Delights Written statement describing organization (Step 1) As a marketing manager for Cocoa Delights, this is the organization develop written statement; “Cocoa Delights’ responsibility to continually improve all aspects in which we operate our business no matter in term of our products and services provide, but also environment, social and economic sustainability. Our vision is put into action through programs and a focus on environmental stewardship, activities that benefit society and a commitment to build shareholder value by making Cocoa Delights a truly sustainable company and offering meaningful value to our customers. In addition, we will shift from local suppliers of services to national ones. We are…show more content…
Currently, the business are planning the innovative ways we to provide customers a well design shop, bright and light without the high electricity usage to support with the new laws. For the products, the business are remain the select the finest ingredients in Australia and also made in Australia to keep its standard and quality. Another important thing is we now need to change our focus from local suppliers of services to national ones, and to think about opportunities to save money by gaining a wider geographic benefit and choosing media with a national reach aim to increase our gross profit as expected. * PEST analysis Political | Economic | - Government strongly push the business operate on the idea of sustainability. - Focuses mostly on the environmental issues of waste management and energy conservation.- Government is also looking at is having the country of manufacture clearly stated on imported products, although at present the government is allowing the industry to self-regulate rather than pass laws. | - Interest rates are in fact rising.- Unemployment has also risen to 5.8%. | Social | Technological | - The social trend towards people eating chocolate is growing stronger than anticipated. | - Broadband rollout has been delayed, putting on hold some of the organization’s internet marketing plans. | * Legal and ethical requirements for the organisation to address

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