Case Study : ' Coffee For Leotard '

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“Coffee for… Leotard?” The female barista asked loudly over the morning crowd of the little coffee shop downtown. She waved a bit to make herself known. Leonard let out a long suffering sigh and pushed his way to the bar to collect his drink. He took the drink and thanked the poor girl as she kept yelling out the orders over all the noise. As he was walking out he caught the eye of the guy who always took the orders, he paused and gave Leo a shit-eating smirk before carrying on taking the ridiculous order of some teenager. This had been going on for the last two weeks, ever since that blond menace had started working there. Leo had to admit he wasn’t bad looking with golden hair, a slim but toned body and rosy red lips but he had been…show more content…
He was slightly disappointed when it wasn’t Cute Blond taking his order and he quashed the pang of sadness when his actual name was read out and gratefully took his coffee and sat down at one of the small tables. He pulled out his tablet and began to flick through the days news. He was still riding high off the adrenaline of the night and wasn’t quite ready to home to his apartment quite yet. He didn’t really notice how much time had gone by until someone placed a cup down in front of him, it was after the morning rush and he now reading the latest medical journals. He looked up and thanked the small brunette lady, he recognised her as the lady who normally yelled out the orders. He took out his wallet to pay her but she waved it off. “It’s from that guy over there” She said, pointing to hipster kid in the window who was furiously typing away at his laptop. He had his back to Leo and he couldn’t recognise him, maybe he was a former patient. Leo picked up the drink and took a sip, noticing that it was just as he normally had it, placing it back down he noticed something scribbled on the side. ‘Lanyard’ was scrawled in typical barista handwriting. Only one person would have done that, looking back over at Hipster kid he noticed the blond spiked poking out from under his beanie. Leo had been too tired and dead on is feet to notice him much earlier. Leo decided it was time to finally say that ‘fuck you’ to the guy. Leo stood up and grabbed his stuff

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