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Case Study Analysis In the beginning of April ABC, Inc. hired Carl Robins as their new campus recruiter. Carl was new to his position, but that did not stop him from striving to be a great recruiter right from the start. Carl successfully hired 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carrols the Operations Supervisor. Monica checked in with Carl to advise him of all the steps that are necessary to complete before the trainees could start working for the company. Carl felt confident about the situation and assured Monica that everything would be arranged in plenty of time. The goal is to have the trainees working by July; the problem is that Carl has neglected to make the proper arrangements to ensure all tasks will be accomplished. This…show more content…
If the new hires show up to orientation and do not have the drug screening complete they should be sent directly to the clinic to get the screening done. The reason the drug screening needs to be done prior to the orientation is the company does not want to hire anyone who is on drugs, so this task needs to be complete before they are even considered for the new hire orientation course. When the individuals show up for the course if they have not yet completed their part of the new orientation process they should be asked to leave; they can either complete their given tasks and contact Carl when they have done so or they can decided to not work for ABC, Inc.. The problem with allowing them to stay and complete the tasks at a later time is that they are getting a message that this is how they can conduct themselves while on the job. The manuals and incompatible reservations for the training room are Carl’s misdoings, so he needs to take responsibility for these matters. In order to have the orientation manuals be useful, Carl should consider completing the three that he has since they are only missing some pages and then make a power point slide show to use as the main course material. By turning the material into a power point slide he is giving the trainees a chance to take notes and he can create the presentation at home during off work hours. Carl should take one of the manuals and combine whatever
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