Case Study : Community Education Program Manager Essay

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What I set out to learn from this experience was to get a manager’s insight from a school district to see what kind of situations and responsibilities that they have to do on a daily basis. I want to be an education manager and what better way to get good experience is listening from one. The topics that I had for my questions were: leadership and management, motivation, leadership styles, selection process, mission statement, employee training, time management, and delegation with work direction. What really was interesting about this interview was seeing my own supervisor’s opinion on some of the questions I had. Some of my questions were just general manager questions while others were just for her position and what she does in the community education program. Then having a behavior analysis to see if my supervisor is following the concepts of course. Then to see if my vision of becoming a supervisor is similar to my current supervisor.
Supervisor Description:
My supervisor’s title is Community Education Program Manager. She is the head of three Kidstop sites and she is middle management. Kidstop is a before and after school care program for schools in the Osseo school district 279. It has been open almost as long as the school district has been around. Kidstop has around 200+ employees.
Topics and Supervisor’s Responses:
The first topic was leadership and management. Kristy would rather be a leader. She thinks of management as paperwork, meeting
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