Case Study : Company 's Annual Report

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Student Name: Abdulrahman Almusharraf. ANNUAL REPORT PROJECT ASSIGNMENT 2 Name of Company Microsoft Corporation REVIEW OF THE COMPANY’S ANNUAL REPORT I. Review the annual report that you have received or the latest one shown on the company’s website. It will be organized in several sections. Some companies may not have the financial highlights or the chairman’s letter. If this is the case, just enter N/A. Identify the page number that the information is located on as you will need this information for later exercises. A. FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS. This section provides a summary of selected financial results over a number of years. You may find two schedules providing highlights: one brief summary near the front of the annual report and a more detailed summary in the financial section. This schedule may be called Five-Year Summary of Selected Financial Data. Page(s) 5 B. THE CHAIRMAN’S LETTER. This letter provides the chairman’s overview of the past year and developments which will affect the next year. Page(s) 2 C. THE COMPANY, ITS PRODUCTS, ITS EMPLOYEES. This section may contain a number of color photographs and will highlight the products and accomplishments of the company. Page(s) - Products 10 - Employees 16 D. MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS. This section discusses operating results, industries in which the company operates, financing and investing activities, significant events, trends and developments. Page(s)
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