Case Study Comparisons

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University of Phoenix Material Case Study Comparisons Part 1 Complete the chart below that differentiates the following insurance types. |Plan Type |Characteristics of Plan (5 to 7 characteristics) |Target Audience for Plan | |Indemnity Plan |No referrals needed, can see any doctor or specialist, No primary |Someone that wants the freedom to choose which doctor they want| | |doctor needed, fee-for-service plan, Sometimes does not cover |to see, does not want to have to get referrals | |…show more content…
| | |physical, occupational, and speech therapy that is provided on a | | | |part-time basis and deemed medically necessary. Care in a skilled | | | |nursing facility as well as certain medical equipment for the aged| | | |and disabled such as walkers and wheelchairs generally available | | | |without having to pay a monthly premium since payroll taxes are | | | |used to cover these costs. | | Part 2 Review the insurance plans and answer the following questions. |Services |Bronze
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