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Running head: CASE CONFERENCE PROTOCAL 1 CASE CONFERENCE PROTOCAL 2 CASE CONFERENCE PROTOCAL BY: Maritza Rivera Long Island University Dr. Wendi Williams CSP 712 Here I present my client Beth; I have very limited information regarding the necessary demographics that are very important while working with a client. I lack information regarding her age, race, cultural background, family history and where she is currently living. What I do know is Beth is currently married with four young children. She had a career as a general practitioner, until she had to give it up due to her illness. Beth while working as a doctor she found it very stressful having a job with a growing clientele and then…show more content…
It was then she was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar disorder. What I imagine it would be like to meet her in person, would be a lot like getting caught in the middle of a tornado, a whirlwind of different emotions that can bring across devastation and destruction. Beth feels trapped within her own body and having loss complete control of her life. In one day she can experience many different mood swings, she can wake up feeling low at 10:00 AM and then feeling high and excited around 3:00 PM. She can go from being isolated and contemplating harming herself or her members of her family to then feeling social and feeling connected to her family. She cherished the hours where her mood was stable and she was able to enjoy her husband and her children, because she knew it was a matter of hours or even days before it changed. I can also imagine that meeting her in person would be a lot like meeting someone who is highly disorganized with their thoughts and at times doesn?t know what they want to do. Beth goes through periods of wanting achieve many tasks at the same moment. Like wanting to read two novels, write poetry, listen to music all simultaneously. The thought of not completing the entire tasks frustrates her and the thoughts become disjointed and slither all over the place. When I was a teenager I had a firsthand experience with dating someone who has Bipolar
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