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Case Study Copper Kettle Catering A. Synopsis Copper Kettle Catering is a full service catering company that was established in 1972. They have subsequently grown to be one of the largest catering businesses in North Carolina. They have two different types of customer demands. They have a “delivery only” side of the business which focuses on preparing and delivering same day box lunches with a limited menu. The demand for this service remains fairly constant throughout the year. They also have a “deliver and serve” side of the business which focuses on catering large parties, dinners, and weddings. The lead time for this service is much longer. Customers usually book dates and choose menu items weeks or months in advance. This service…show more content…
In repetitive service operations, efficiencies can be gained by standardization. Standardization increases the total quantity that can be produced from a single or limited amount of items. This also tends to increase productivity because of less complexity of each job and because workers learn to do their jobs more efficiently with increased repetition. CKC has a relatively simple menu and also limited inventory space to carry numerous items anyhow, so the simple and limited menu allows for some standardization. Also, as previously mentioned, CKC has five major separate work stations, each repetitively performing its own task or process. These processes at each of these stations are repeatable and therefore conducive to standardization. According to our book, the role of workers is elevated in a lean system. Lean systems require a flexible workforce. Workers in flexible workforces can be trained to perform more than one job. A primary benefit of this is that workers can be moved from one workstation to another to help relieve bottlenecks should they arise. Also, if an employee is out sick or on vacation, another employee can step in for them to keeps product flow moving. Uniform flow is an important aspect of lean systems. CKC has 10 full time employees and all, except the cooks, are flexible and can move from station to station if needed. Companies using lean systems

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